Digital Accounting Conference

Second Edition: Data Driven Decision - Making

23 - 24 February 2024, Klan Arena, Prishtina

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About Conference

The Digital Accounting Conference, now in its second edition, is a pioneering event in the region. It aims to raise awareness about digital transformation in accounting and financial management, fostering collaboration among businesses, public authorities, universities, accounting professionals, and fintech companies. Top minds in business, technology, and accounting will share insights on navigating challenges and identifying growth opportunities.

Why to join the conference.


Learn how organizations are reshaping their future with data and improve your business performance by sourcing the latest technology.


Allocate dedicated time for your continuous learning. Learn from professionals, businesses, public and regulatory institutions.


Opportunities to collaborate with hundreds of like-minded professionals, passionate about data excellence, numbers and finance.

Melita & Partners SHPK has officially achieved CPD Accredited Status for the Digital Accounting Conference held on February 23rd and 24th, 2024!

We will plant a tree for each participant.

Keynote Speakers

Panels & Sessions

Below are details about conference’s panels and educative sessions.



Digital Transformation: Uniting Forces for Tomorrow's Innovations

ESG Engagement: Building Meaningful Relationships with Stakeholders


ESG Engagement: Building Meaningful Relationships with Stakeholders


E-Accounting in Manufacturing: Maximizing Efficiency, Amplifying Exports


Skillsets for the Future Accountant in Digital Era

Educative Sessions


The Role of Financial Reporting in Strategic Business Development


Annual Financial Reporting for TAK purpose


Advanced Data Visualization Techniques for Financial Insights


Transfer Pricing Methods and Documentation: Choosing the Right Approach for Your Business


Mitigating Risks: Cybersecurity Best Practices for Modern Accounting Infrastructures


Automation and artificial intelligence in accounting


Best Practices for Transparent Financial Reporting in NGOs


Self-care and Stress Management Tools for Accountants in a Digital Era

Conference 2024 Insights

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Educational Sessions
Donjeta Sahatçiu Deputy Mayor of Prishtina Municipality

Best wishes for the initiative, which has been sorely missed in our sector, I hope there will be more editions to come. As such, many actors and institutions have gathered and brought us together, in which it was our first opportunity to discuss the possibilities we have to better regulate the way we operate with digitalization. As the capital, we have certainly invested a lot in the digitalization of services, but we cannot consider it completed if we are not transparent with the citizen and do not show from point a to point z how public money enters. Such a conference together with all actors helps us improve for the citizens of Kosovo.

Valdete Daku Managing Director, Axians Kosovo

The conference was extremely good, organized very perfectly. The panelists and topics were clear and relevant, especially for businesses in Kosovo. Importantly, however, it brought together professionals from various business fields, including technology, accounting, finance and other sectors. During this conference, together we tried to discuss the current state of business in Kosovo and propose possible steps for a continuous improvement, which would be reflected in better business and an improved environment for doing business in Kosovo.

Lekë Musa Partner at Baker Tilly Kosovo

I must say that this is the largest conference that has been organized since the war, where private sector professionals have gathered in one place. This sector is actually our main customer. The regulator also has an important role and it is imperative to be united in such a conference to understand the necessity and need we have for each other. On the one hand we have the private sector, which needs financial advisors close by, on the other hand, the profession cannot exist without the main client, but the regulator also has a role as a form of reference or a standard setter of how you should act.

Nora Hasani Executive Director, The German-Kosovar Business Association

I congratulate Arben and Melita for the wonderful organization. The panels were very interesting and the speakers extremely worthy with credibility in their profession.

Merita Gjyshinca CFO, Raiffeisen Bank Kosova

Thank you very much for the opportunity and organization of this conference. Undoubtedly, this event is extremely important, given that we are living in the digital age, where digitalization is a strategic objective for all companies, including Raiffeisen Bank. We had the opportunity to present all our initiatives and improvements in terms of the digitalization of our services, including the way we communicate with customers. However, it was a good opportunity to discuss areas where we think there is potential for improvement. Talking with colleagues from ATK and considering opportunities to improve our services was a valuable experience.

Lemonade Game

Juicy Lessons at the Digital Accounting Conference

Exciting news for young entrepreneurs! At ‘Juicy Lessons,’ we’re turning learning into an adventure for kids of all of the conference participants, aged 10-18. Join us for engaging accounting lessons and lemonade stand experiences. While you delve into accounting trends, your kids can embark on a hands-on journey, learning essential finance and business skills through interactive activities and games. Don’t miss this chance to make education fun and impactful for your little ones!

🍋 What's in Store?

Engaging lessons for kids aged 10-18.

Learn the basics of accounting in a fun and interactive way.

Dive into the world of entrepreneurship with exciting lemonade stand adventures.

🎉 Why Attend?

While you focus on the latest in accounting trends, your kids embark on a hands-on entrepreneurial journey.

Interactive activities and games to make learning enjoyable.

A chance for your young ones to develop essential skills in finance and business.

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